Girls Doin’ Art

This week’s banner is an illustration by Laura Callaghan. 
She’s an Irish illustrator based in London. She uses water color, Indian ink and her drawing skills, to create these amazing colorful illustrations of girls just being girls.

I always feel like she really focuses on representing all kinds of girls, bored girls, smart girls, brown girls, white girls, curvy girls, all girls.

Check out her blog here.
Shop her art here.
And her website here.

The piece on my banner is called “Three’s a Crowd”. 

Three’s a Crowd by Laura Callaghan



Girls Doin’ Art-Featured Artists

I love art.
Who doesn’t right?

I mean what even is art?
I’m not really going to get into that discussion.
What this post really is about, is the Featured Artists Category on my blog.

I’m hoping to feature art work on my banner every week from some of my favorite female artists, I’ve discovered while living on the internet. You can always refer to the Featured Artists category to see who’s the genius behind every week’s banner.

The inaugural piece this week is by Valerie on
Check out her art blog here.

The featured piece is called Flutter Girl, and you can check out the whole thing here.

I’ve only recently started following Valerie, 18 year old CalArts student, majoring in character animation. I love her work, and she does sell some prints!